Welcome to Hotel Darbar Farm , Chamba , India

Hotel Darbar Farm

Darbar Farm is devoted to the conservation of traditional Himalayan Culture. Cultivation is to be done organically to protect the environment and produce chemical free produce. Darbar Farm is both a working model of traditional Himalayan  life as well as of contemporary sustainable living techniques.

The Darbar Restaurant offers organic meals and other local products with the intention of nourishing the body with healthy food in an atmosphere which nourishes the soul with traditional art work and antiques. 

The Darbar Living Museum is for the preservation, restoration and sharing with the public of historical manuscripts on local culture,traditional art work  and other artifacts depicting the history and culture of Himalayan. The Museum offers historical exhibits to scholars,students and tourists and also encourages the continuation of indigenous traditions. Educational events are held to impart knowledge of ancient traditions and how such wisdom is of relevance in the context of the world today.


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